ILA in the News

From an article in the July-August 2018 edition of the Santa Cruz Mountain Bulletin:

"Being in such close proximity to Silicon Valley, and with a desire for their children to be prepared for the quickly evolving future, parents are starting to look for new, innovative ways for their children to learn.  Integrative Leadership Academy (ILA), a local non-profit, intends to open a public charter middle school to meet the growing need of Valley families for a new small school option."


The following Letter to the Editor was printed in the June 22 edition of the San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner:

"I'm writing in response to the article about the potential charter school here in the San Lorenzo Valley. What a fantastic idea, and much kudos to Nicky Ramos-Beban for her gusto and tenacity to make this happen. I really hope it does. An Integrative Leadership Academy sounds like just the type of school this world needs. Developing future leaders is some of our most important work.

So I'm sorry to see that there are so many loops and hoops to jump through, but Nicky sounds up for the challenge with a lot of strong backing.

I do Organizational Leadership Development work with a wonderful charter school in San Jose, and I've been able to experience first hand the benefits from the charter school environment.  Change is never easy for anyone, and usually there is some, even tremendous resistance to things that are outside of the status quo.  But I would bet you that this is an idea whose "time has come."  I get the feeling that Nicky and her group are going to win the day here -- I sure hope so.  Developing the future of our young folks is a noble path to follow."

Annie Hart
San Lorenzo Valley

The San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner published a great article in the
June 14 edition of the paper. It details how ILA is working  with the local community
to bring the parents' dreams of a new middle school option to Boulder Creek.