Why now?

San Francisco communities have expressed the desire for more neighborhood schools, especially small middle and high schools close to home. In particular, the Potrero Hill, Dogpatch and Mission Bay neighborhoods are without a small middle school option. Parents are interested in restoring a neighborhood middle/high school to this area.

San Francisco also has many families leaving the public school system to attend private schools, especially when students transition out of small elementary schools to attend large comprehensive middle and high schools. By offering a world-class International Baccalaureate curriculum and a small school experience to students across the City, ILA aims to help increase enrollment in San Francisco public schools.

How big is the new school?  What grades can attend?

Integrative Leadership Academy in San Francisco (ILA SF) will be a City-wide public school, serving a diverse population of students in grades 6-12 grade.  ILA SF intends to open with a cohort of 80 sixth grade students in fall 2020.

Where would the new school be located?

The new middle school will be located in San Francisco, and ideally within the neighborhoods of Potrero Hill, Mission Bay or Dogpatch.

What makes this middle school different?

ILA SF emphasizes strong and personalized support systems for students, including small school and class size.  Each student receives daily and individualized support from an ILA advisor responsible for monitoring students’ social, emotional and academic success.  ILA SF is designed to be a low stress, high-challenge environment, and all students are taught strategies for self-regulation and stress management through the daily life skills advisory curriculum. 

ILA SF students will learn to meditate and practice daily meditation.  Two short periods (non-instructional minutes) for meditation are built into the daily bell schedule.

What kind of curriculum will the school have?

ILA SF intends to be an International Baccalaureate School (IB) and the school description is being written in alignment with IB principals, policies and practices.   ILA SF will apply for candidacy upon opening and the first cohort of 6th graders will experience IB-aligned curriculum and instruction. 

Would this be a public school?

Yes, this would be a public school and free to families living in San Francisco.

When would the school open?

If the small-school-by-design proposal is accepted by SFUSD, the school could open as early as August 2020.

What can I do to support the school?

Sign our petition on the home page of this website or send a letter to a SFUSD Board Member.  Please contact swati@ilapublicschools.org for other ways to support the school.

Will the school have athletics?

All students will have a daily period of physical education.  The school will also offer after-school sports programs depending on student interest and school location.  Possibilities could include soccer, basketball, softball, swim team, gymnastics and cross-country. 

What’s advisory and what’s the role of the advisor?

An advisor is a staff member responsible for monitoring and supporting the academic, social and emotional growth and wellbeing of his/her students.  Each advisor is assigned a cohort of approximately 15 students and meets daily with these students from their enrollment in the school through their graduation. Students meet with their advisor during daily advisory periods to learn life skills, get one-on-one support and help with schoolwork, and to deal with any issues that may arise during the school day.  Advisors are the main point of contact between the school and families.

Will there be special education?

Yes, the school will have a special education program and will work with the SFUSD SELPA to provide services to students with IEPs or 504 plans in accordance with CA state laws and regulations.