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Social-Emotional Learning responds to students’ increased levels of stress and anxiety in the 21st century. ILA understands that in addition to content knowledge and academic skills, students need to develop sets of behaviors, skills, attitudes, and strategies that are crucial to academic performance in their classes. Thus, ILA has created the schoolwide environment necessary for the successful implementation of Social-Emotional Learning.


Dozens of schools and districts in California are using project-based learning (PBL) as a cornerstone of their curriculum in order to achieve the rigor of the Common Core standards, which include explicit expectations that students learn how to work together, acquire skills to solve real-world problems, and persist in doing so. ILA’s project-based curriculum correlates exactly with the skills necessary for 21st century civic and economic prosperity.

Local Middle School Data for Math & English Language Arts


Current data from SLVUSD Middle Schools show that students are not progressing, and are actually losing ground in essential subjects.  This proves what parents have been saying for years.  
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